Sunday, September 12, 2010

Growing and Growing

I think I'm going to have an active little boy. Like most pregnant women, I have to get up continuously in the night to use the bathroom. Well, when I get up, I can usually feel him moving around in there. I hope that is not indicative of his sleeping habits when we leaves his womb with a view.

We are currently 25 weeks and counting; however, when people ask me how far along I am or when I'm due, they are usually suprised that I'm only 5 1/2 months along. I know my belly is growing and growing by the day and probably looks rather big for only 25 weeks, but I do have a short torso, so I think the baby doesn't have a lot of room to stretch downwards so he has to go outwards. That's what I think. So this is me at 24 weeks.

And this is me at 25 weeks...


  1. YAY!! Not only are you looking pregnant, but you look SO cute! I love it and can't wait for the 40 week picture!!

  2. adorable! and i have a short torso too...i have to explain this to people who say "you're about to explode" when i tell them i still have 3 months to go. sweet little noah will be here before we know it :)

  3. aw I loved this update! Short and sweet!